Greetings bondage enthusiasts and other fetish aficionados! Here at Superbound we seek to provide you with a unique kinky viewing experience. At Superbound you will find a multitude of beautiful women in various forms of bondage for your entertainment. Superbound's unique style incorporates many elements of genre fiction and comic books as well as other scifi, horror and fantasy elements and blends them with damsel in distress bondage with a decidedly more physical emphasis! Within the Superbound universe exists a dystopian world where the bad guys win (or at least get the upper hand and play out their twisted thrills!) and subject gorgeous ladies to restrictive bondage while fondling their luscious bodies and more! All in good fun, these fantasies will transport you to a world of base carnal desires as various mighty superheroines, intrepid reporters, brave sleuths and other gorgeous babes are captured, bound, gagged and toyed with by supervillains, crooks, slavers and other evil characters! So leave reality behind and enter the twisted bondage realm of Superbound!

Membership Access & and other purchasing options is a membership site that updates twice a week with brand new videos as well as a multitude of still images. As time passes more and more videos and images will accumulate with videos generally being retired after 3 months (but still available at Superbound CS4). Membership does have its privileges!