About Superbound

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I need to keep my login information for your site AND for Zombaio?

A) Yes. Please keep your logins safe for access to the site and in the event of needing to contact http://zombaio.com

Q) Do I need to keep a record of my Zombaio subscription number?

A) Yes. We will always ask for your Zombaio subscription number before any technical support can be given.

Q) Which login gives me access to the site?

A) Your login is the one you created using our sign up form, not the one you created at http://zombaio.com if different.

Q) How do I cancel my membership?

A) We are unable to cancel memberships as we do not hold any card or payment details. You must contact http://support.zombaio.com/ with your subscription number to stop membership renewing.

Q) Are images on the site downloadable?

A) All photographic images can be downloaded from the site by right clicking on the image and selecting "save as".

Q) Can videos be downloaded and streamed?

A) Yes. Videos are downloaded by clicking on the download button or streamed by clicking on the image for the video.

Q) I have downloaded a video and I cannot get it to play?

A) In the event of a video not playing after downloading, it may be that you are using an older version of Internet Explorer and you may have to add the text ".mp4" after the file name. All other browsers are supported. If you are unable to play the video using your current video player try VLC Media Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html.

Q) I have requested technical support and have not heard anything back yet?

A) We endeavour to answer tech support requests within 12 hours, but depending on factors such as level of support needed, different time zones etc., these can take up to a maximum of 48 hours to be answered/read.

Q) I am interested in ordering a custom video shoot, what do I do?

A) In the first instance, email: johnny.d.fetish@gmail expressing your interest and you will be sent a price list and basic information that we will require from you. For further information go to the Customs page.

Q) Will my custom be exactly what I asked for in my script?

A) Your script will be followed as closely as possible, but may vary due to time restrictions, the model's limitations and other logistical issues that may arise during shooting. We reserve the right to deny any activity that may be deemed unsafe or unacceptable to the models or producers. These concerns will generally be addressed before any payment is accepted, but may also arise during the shoot and require adjustment.

Q) Can I get graphic nudity in my custom?

A) Generally speaking, yes you can. We work with a wide variety of models in the fetish and adult industry as well as glamor and amateur models, so it depends upon the model requested. Most models at Superbound consent to varying degrees of nudity ranging from full to implied. Generally, adult performers will be fine with explicit nudity while some models may only work within varying limitations such as topless and partially clothed etc.

Q) Can I attend a shoot?

A) As a general rule, no. Only cast and crew are allowed on-set. Exceptions are possible depending upon the model(s) involved and will require additional costs.

Q) Do you need male models?

A) No. This is a female-centric site.

Q) Are you looking for riggers?

A) No. We have a variety of riggers with varying degrees of skill and expertise.

Q) I sent in some feedback or ideas and did not receive a response?

A) Although we strive to read and respond to all correspondence in a diligent manner, we cannot always reply directly due to sheer volume, time constraints and other factors. We welcome all constructive correspondence and will take into consideration your views and opinions.


Membership Access & and other purchasing options

Superbound.com is a membership site that updates twice a week with brand new videos as well as a multitude of still images. As time passes more and more videos and images will accumulate with videos generally being retired after 3 months (but still available at Superbound CS4). Membership does have its privileges!